Fiona has been singing since she was six years of age, encouraged by her late mother's love of music and singing in youth choirs in her own native West Cork.  From the start of primary school in Dublin, Fiona participated in school choirs and plays, and continued to develop her own love for music and performance style all the way through secondary school.  


She played the clarinet for ten years, and slow studied music at school.  Today, fiona has over twenty years of singing experience: initially in folk groups, and then in musical theater, jazz, gospel, classical and church choirs.  She co-established the Lucan Gospel Singer in 1998, and managed them for ten years.  prior to that she also played and integral part in the Lucan Musical society winning five awards.  She had her own music radio show on Liffey Sound FM Radio for two years and has recently returned to take up radio presenting.  She has been acting with the lucan Drama Group, and more recently the Pernassus Arts Group, for seventeen years.  in 2011, she established a professional association with a fellow musician, and the music duo Heartstrings was born.  heartstrings have performed at many weddings and festivals to date.  Fiona now performs both as a solo artist and as part of heartstrings.  


She is based in the greater Dublin area, and performs nationwide.